Not every owner has the opportunity to attend the Annual Owners Meeting. Only 5% of the owners of Maui Sands live on property and it can be difficult to make a special trip to fly to Maui for the weekend. If you aren’t able to make it to the meeting  please send in your proxy so the meeting will reach quorum and the board  elections will be valid.

Having a group of volunteer Board Members that bring their personal strengths and honor the different opinions of the others will help our multi-million dollar complex stay healthy financially and represent the wide variety of owners that all love Maui Sands. A concern for every association is when a few people solicit a large number of proxies and the result is that board members end up being selected by one or two people instead of a majority of the owners.  To keep a wide range of skill sets and perspectives on the board  I would suggest the following :

1st – Every owner is encouraged to learn about the candidates and issues, make a good decision, and vote for themselves if possible.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Annual Owners Meeting was broadcast live and everyone could participate and vote from home? You can make this request on Town Square!

2nd – Consider awarding your proxy to an outside representative that is not an owner and direct them to vote the way you would vote if present.

3rd – Award your proxy to another condo owner that you trust. Any owner physically attending the meeting, including but not limited to a board member, can be your proxy. Tell them your preference for how you want them to vote on your behalf.

4th – Award your proxy to the board as a whole and allow the board majority to choose how your vote is cast. Share your opinion to let them know how you would vote if present, but understand that the proxy can legally vote as they choose in the meeting.

Owner oversight is an important part of the checks and balances that keep the Maui Sands Association financially healthy

Watch for the next blog post for What’s happening at the Annual Owners Meeting.

Shanna Stubbs

Maui Sands Owner

The views shared in this blog are my own opinions and do not necessarily represent the opinions of other Maui Sands Owners, The Maui Sands Condo Association, the AOAO Board,  or Management Company.